• Aara - "ANTHROPOZÄN" 7" Vinyl bone splatter

"Anthropozän" is divided into a number of movements that combine sublimated introspection, awestruck reverberant melodicism and widescreen neo-classical grandeur. Concerned with the Anthropocene epoch - dating from the start of significant human impact on Earth's geology and ecosystem – the track ruminates on the self-destruction of humankind through preoccupation with short-term comfort and pleasure-seeking, serving as a perfect introduction to the breadth of sound from a young band already reaching expert heights of haunting magnificence.

Format: Comes with a download card. Pressed on bone splatter 7" vinyl. Colors on final record may vary to a degree from the mock ups. Released by Debemur Morti Producionts - This is the bands own stock!

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Aara - "ANTHROPOZÄN" 7" Vinyl bone splatter

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