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The Nightly Disease - "Smell of Burning Wood" DigiPak CD


Imagine a snowy day. The last sun light shines through pine trees, heavy with snow. A firm breeze ho..

The Wolf Garden - "The Yawning Abyss" CDr


“The Yawning Abyss” is the debut offering from UK atmospheric black metal band The Wolf Garden. In b..

Valdkynd - "Erdgesänge" DigiPak CDr


Valdkynd's music is like a mystic, timeless immerse into the soul of nature and earth and likewi..

Vargafrost - "Honour, Blood, Spirit and Love" Jewelcase CD


High up in the misty mountains a path dwells, a path of strenght and solitude, a path into the h..

Wending Tide - "The Painter" DigiPak CD


The lyrics and music in the Painter are about taking refuge in ones dreams from the pain of heartbre..

Æðra - "Perseiderna" Jewelcase CD


After six long years the american one-man-project Æðra is back with its second album "Perseidern..

Æðra - "The Evening Red" DigiPak CD


With the new album coming up, we are happy to also re release the first masterpiece of Æðra called..

Onirism - "Falling Moon" CD Bundle


Content:1x "Falling Moon" Jewelcase CD1x "Sun" DigiPak CD Stream | Digital: <a href="http:/..

Onirism - "Falling Moon" lim. A5 DigiPak CD


After the more space ambient black metal EP "SUN", Onirism continues its journey through dreams and ..

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