Hailing from true Vinland, Beorn's Hall returns with their new folk/epic black metal opus titled "Estuary" due for release early 2018. "Many frigid New Hampshire nights were spent here at The Hall Studios recording our second offering. This album combines our ideas old and new with a production reminiscent of all our favorite early 90's Death and Black Metal records. Classic amps, good microphones and a 70's drum kit all helped to deliver the sounds you will hear on Estuary. This record is heavily inspired by the majesty of our glorious New Hampshire landscapes and coastal life. Expect some suprises on this release! Cheers!" -Rognvaldr & Vulcan December 2017

Setting: Limited to 100 copies, GOLD 12" (140g) with full coloured labels in a black paper bag, SLEEVE: full-color digital print on 270gsm stock, coated paper, with 3mm spine

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Beorn's Hall - "Estuary" Vinyl LP Gold

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