"The Art of Morphology" is the debut album of the young project Dawn of Ouroboros, hailing from San Franciso, USA. Progressive Death Doom Metal with black metal elements.

"Our Goal for this album was to find our voice and experiment openly with sound, emotion and chemistry as a whole. Lyrically, we chose to be free with our ideas and not stick to a single concept. Song inspirations ranging from our favorite horror manga series to the seriousness of profound loss and mental anguishes. We think our music falls under the genre tags of progressive post death/black metal, however, it is really up to the listeners interpretation."

Format:  CD in 6-Panel DigiPak, 320 g cardboard, with glossy varnish + Download (mp3 | BC-Code on request)

Limitation: 300

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Dawn of Ouroboros - "The Art of Morphology" CD

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