In the Halls of Relics begins the account of recovered volumes concerning Dunhilm’s decisive dragon-sieges and subsequent slayings. 

Alliance between men and dragon has never existed, neither reaching a mutual benefit. At times, they butchered one another, in fear and vengeance. Attacks on humans were rare. Attacks from humans were equally rare, a large majority of the dragons of Annuin dying of old age. But there were several noteworthy campaigns against dragons, detailed here—but not limited to what is—within these volumes, all drastically shaping histories and political climates. 

Format:  Pro CDr in A5-DigiPak with glossy varnish & A5 booklet (16 pages) (BC-Code on request) | ->All Formats
Booklet contains the first chapter from the tales of Dunhilm.

Limitation: 100, no repress

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