The series "A Fleur de Peau" is setting Déhà as 'the' mastermind of emotional extreme music to this year. 
After the doomy "I - There is no Home" and the pure DSBM de luxe "II - Burdening Everyone" which saw Kim Carlsson from Hypothermia screaming again, this third installment beats the nails of it all with a pure atmospheric, ethereal but depressive black metal album. Accompanied on this album by amazing musicians - Natalie from Shape of Despair, Tim from Austere, Hauke Peters from Maladie, Carlos d'Agua from Collapse of Light and Nils Courbaron from Sirenia - Déhà oscilliated between what he does best : light and darkness, deep personal feelings brought back up and, simply, beautiful music.

Format:  CD in 6-Panel DigiSleeve with glossy varnish + Download (mp3|BC-Code on request)

Limitation: 300

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Déhà - "A Fleur de Peau - III - A Fire that does not burn" DigiSleeve CD

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