On their debut album Marrasmieli continue on what they've already established on the 2018 EP while also expanding the sound. The album consists of five epic songs - each with its own character: roaring mighty passages and blizzard-like blast beats contrasted by somber melodies and peaceful moments. As the name of the album suggests, the lyrics will take you from the depths of sea to the peaks of ancient mountains; from the enclosed shade of the woods to realms beyond mortality.

The songwriting began already during the production of the EP and the album was recorded during spring and summer of 2019. The album is mixed and produced by Nattvind and mastered by Henri Sorvali of Trollhouse Audio.

Format: 4-Panel DigiPak incl. 12 p. booklet, glossy varnish + Download (mp3 | BC Code on request)

Limitation: 2nd press, 300

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Marrasmieli - "Between Land and Sky" DigiPak CD

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