Many people on this earth are completely unaware of where their oxygen comes from. 
This entire planet is an enormous system of synergetic parts that are constantly working and creating. 
Everything is linked together. Transpiration begins with ancient, living diatoms in a prehistoric era. 
Once feeding in long forgotten seas, their skeletal remains now populate the dense sands of the Sahara desert. 
These sands are continuously riding the wind across the ocean to fertilize the Amazon rainforest. 
Due to the massive collection of trees in this area, they transpire to create the largest river in the world: the river in the sky. 
The journey continues all the way to the Andes Mountains and oxygen disperses throughout the atmosphere.

Ovnev invites you to ride the wind on this atmospheric journey of scientific discovery and botanical wonder. 
The earth is amazingly complex and deserves our utmost respect for providing our resources needed to survive.

Format:  CD in 6-Panel DigiPak with glossy varnish + Download (mp3|BC-Code on request)

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Ovnev - "Transpiration" DigiPak CD

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