Progressive death/doom metal
For fans of Katatonia, Anathema, Daylight Dies, October Tide, Swallow the Sun, Ghost Brigade, Insomnium
Bittersweet, existential sorrow from Stockholm, Sweden

Second full-length by Swedish doom metal band Soliloquium. "Contemplations" was once again produced by Mike Watts, who also handles the drums and electronics this time around.

As for the sound of Contemplations generally, expect a more varied, less standard death/doom metal offering from Soliloquium. Don’t worry though. The Stockholm darkness will still be highly present. Fill the void of the Katatonia hiatus!

Format: CD in 6-Panel DigiPak w. high quality glossy varnish, first press 200
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Soliloquium - "Contemplations" DigiPak CD

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