A' Répìt - "I Canti della Veglia" Cassette [lim.]


A' Répìt is a duo from Italy playing oldschool Black Metal."I canti della veglia" is the second and ..

Burzygóry - "Burzygóry" Cassette [lim.]


Burzygóry, created by Zannibal (Marrasmieli), delivers sublime, highly melodic and atmospheric Dunge..

Dauþuz - "MONVMENTVM" Cassette [lim.]


Date: 26.10.19After several successful trips into the mines, German Dauþuz is once again going downw..

Grima - "Devotion to Lord" Cassette [lim.]


The glorious sold out Grima debut album as a second edition with new cover art. Format:  Pro T..

Grima - "Rotten Garden" Cassette [lim.]


Grima continues its atmospheric black metal path through the siberian wilderness hailing Mother Natu..

Keys of Orthanc - "A battle in the dark lands of the eye..." Cassette [lim.]


Keys of Orthanc continues with "A battle in the dark lands of the eye..." its epic black metal journ..

Keys of Orthanc - "Of the Lineage of Kings" Cassette white [lim.]


A Last Alliance between the Kingdom of Men and the Kingdom of the Elves will be forged and an Oath w..

Nordkväde - "Visdom & Makt" Cassette


Release date: 28.09.19Nordkväde was formed in late 2017 by Marcus (strings) and Olle (vocals) with a..

Toblakai - "Puritans Hand" CASSETTE gold [lim.]


Format: Pro Tape, gold, in clear case, with Jcard, on tape print + Download (mp3|BC-Code on req..

Trova de Lid - "Elemental" Cassette transparent blue [lim.]


Trova de Lid is the dream of a nostalgic bard, his essays of alchemy and songs of fantasy, myths and..

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