A' Répìt - "I Canti della Veglia" DigiPak CD


A' Répìt is a duo from Italy playing oldschool Black Metal."I canti della veglia" is the second and ..

Aara - "So fallen alle Tempel" DigiPak CD


Swiss Aara is a new star on the black metal firmament, combining atmospheric black metal with classi..

Ande - "Bos" A5-DigiPak CD [lim.]


Ande is a one-man-project from Belgium and "Bos" is the newest effort.The fourth album is mainly ins..

Ande - "Bos" DigiPak CD


Ande is a one-man-project from Belgium and "Bos" is the newest effort.The fourth album is mainly ins..

Archana Limited CD Box


This special and limited box contains following creations: Archana's Tales, Rites, Boreal Worcs.They..

Arkheron Thodol - "Rituals of the Sovereign Heart" DigiPak CD


Arkheron Thodol, /ärkə,rän • thō,däl/ phrase; To Liberate the Primordial Song of JoyRituals of the S..

Arthedain - "Infernal Cadence of the Desolate" DigiPak CD


Written over a period of three years, “Infernal Cadence of the Desolate” builds upon the concepts Ar..

As Autumn Calls - "Cold, Black & Everlasting" Jewelcase CD


"Cold, Black & Everlasting" is a personal journey towards finding contentment. Full of dark ..

Askvald - "Nachtschattenreich" DigiPak CD


German one man project Askvald is back with its new album "Nachtschattenreich" (empire of nightly sh..

Atlases - "HAAR" DigiPak CD


"HAAR" (old english word for fog) is the debut album of Atlases that contains 8 tracks of cinematic,..

Beorn's Hall - "In His Granite Realm" Jewelcase CD


"Our third album, 'In His Granite Realm' continues the same path of progression we left off at on 'E..

Beorn's Hall - "Mountain Hymns" DigiPak CD


From the misty mountains of New Hampshire comes the trio called Beorn`s Hall. The first album "M..

Burial In The Woods - "Church of Dagon" DigiPak CD


The everlasting darkness has risen from the realms of the unknown and manifests in the "Church of Da..

Collapse of Light - "Each Failing Step" DigiPak CD


The new album of international Collapse of Light called "Each Failing Step" pushes you on a path ful..

Dame Silú de Mordomoire - "A World of Shadows" DigiPak CDr


Snow - Frost - Forests. The wind is howling, you are alone in the frozen night. Explore this feeling..

Dawn of Ouroboros - "The Art of Morphology" CD


"The Art of Morphology" is the debut album of the young project Dawn of Ouroboros, hailing from San ..

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