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Endlesshade - "Wolf Will Swallow The Sun" Jewelcase CD

There are things in the endless dark, creatures which haunt us and our soul in our nightmares. He..

€7.50 €8.34 Ex Tax: €6.05

Gandreid - "Nordens Skalder" Jewelcase CD

Gandreid´s debut album "Nordens Skalder" is all about the dedication to the extreme atmosperic b..

€4.95 €5.21 Ex Tax: €3.99

Inexistenz – "Erfundene Welten" Jewelcase CD

Inexistenz is a Slovinian one man project playing straight Depressive Black Metal without any modern..

€4.95 €5.21 Ex Tax: €3.99

Khepra - "Cosmology Divine" DigiPak CD

The debut album of turkish Khepra is a wonderful blend of melodic death metal with black, sympho..

€7.44 €11.46 Ex Tax: €6.00

Nifrost - "Motvind" DigiPak CD

The grand debut album of Norwegian Nifrost! Harsh atmospheric pagan black metal from the cold no..

€6.20 €9.90 Ex Tax: €5.00

Norot - "Nathrach" DigiPak CD

“Nathrach” which means Serpent or Snake in old Gaelic was written and recorded in Cork, Ireland be..

€8.68 €9.92 Ex Tax: €7.00

Old Graves - "Long Shadows" DigiPak CD

And here it is: the debut album of Canadian Old Graves! Longing, grand atmosphere combined with a..

€6.20 €9.90 Ex Tax: €5.00

Seeming Emptiness - "Heavy Rain" DigiPak CD

We face it every day: the human species would be capable of so much, but only seems to achieve i..

€7.44 €9.90 Ex Tax: €6.00

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