“Hädangången” (meaning “death” in old Swedish) is an hour-long collection of 11 songs building on the blend of savage punk- and soaring atmospheric black metal as previously heard on “Att Öde Vara”, Svältvinters latest release from 2018. Reflecting the album title, the lyrical themes conceptualize death through lenses of environmental destruction, natural cycles, social erosion, spirituality and more. Recorded in the fall of 2019, with songs written as far back as 2015, this debut album serves to cement the sound of Svältvinter and provide a solid ground for future releases.

Format:  CD in 4-Panel DigiPak w. glossy varnish & booklet + Download (mp3|BC-Code on request) 

Limitation: 200, first press

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Svältvinter - "Hädangången" DigiPak CD

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